Undergraduate AdmissionsUndergraduate Admissions
Springfield College attracts students motivated to serve others. The Springfield College student is selected on the basis of leadership potential, character, and intellectual ability. Visit Undergraduate Admissions.
Graduate AdmissionsGraduate Admissions
Springfield College actively seeks to enroll men and women of distinguished academic ability who wish to establish or enhance a career of service to others as evidenced by significant and appropriate cocurricular activities. Visit Graduate Admissions.
Transfer AdmissionsTransfer Students
The College welcomes transfer students from many two- and four-year colleges and universities, with approximately 100 students transferring to Springfield College annually. Visit Transfer Admissions.
International StudiesInternational Students
The mission of the International Center at Springfield College is to foster the international character of the institution by promoting, supporting and developing a wide range of international and intercultural opportunities for all members of the Springfield College community. Visit the International Center.