Contact Information

The Spiritual Life staff is here to serve you. Please feel free to contact us at any time and we shall happily assist you in any way that we can. Do not hesitate to visit our offices located in the Flynn Campus Union.

Main Office (413) 748-3209
David McMahon Director of Spiritual Life
(413) 748-3210
Deacon Bill Toller  
  Associate Roman Catholic Chaplain
(413) 748-3208
Rabbi Ellen Bernstein Associate Jewish Chaplain
(413) 748-3208
Rev. Stephen Thee Associate Protestant Chaplain
(413) 748-3208
Corrie Trattner, EdD SC Hillel Advisor
(413) 748-3792
Joel Dearing SC Fellowship of Christian Athletes Advisor
Rev. Robert E. Price, PhD Professor of Religion
(413) 748-3606
Bonnie Cox Humanist Advisor
Joseph Berger, PhD Humanist Advisor
Nina Dini Baha’i Advisor
(413) 748-3267