Dean of Students Office

Theresa Vecchio 3100 Interim Vice President and Dean of Students
Susie Mitton Shannon 3922 Interim Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Dean of Students
Melissa Ortendahl 3324 Coordinator, Alcohol and Other Drug Education and Community Standards
Alecia Jackson 3100 Executive Secretary for Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Rebecca Kalagher 3922 Administrative Assistant

Campus Recreation

David Hall 3284 Director, Campus Recreation
Kate Luscombe 3421 Assistant Director for Campus Recreation: Fitness and Wellness
Peter Avdoulos 3445 Assistant Director for Campus Recreation: Aquatics and Diving Coach
Christine Johnson 3089 Health Educator, Campus Recreation 
Eric Wojtowicz 3613 Coordinator of Intramural and Club Sports
Kristin Brosius 3721 Coordinator of Facilities and Student Development
Maureen Naglieri 3468 Administrative Assistant

Career Center

Jeanette Doyle 3222 Director, Career Center
Laurie Herron-Wrona 3222 Assistant Director, Career Center
Michael Hill 3222 Associate Director, Career Center
Susan Nowlan 3222 Assistant Director, Career Center
Scott Dranka 3222 Assistant Director, Career Center
Xiomara Alban 3222 Assistant Director, Employer Relations
Ermelinda Rae 3222 Administrative Secretary
Carol Leger 3222 Administrative Secretary 

Counseling Center

Brian Krylowicz 3345 Director of Counseling Center
Gary Enright 3345 Associate Director of Counseling Center
Jayna Punturiero 3345 Clinician
Nancy Bosques-Levesque 3345 Administrative Assistant

Health Center

Kellyann O'Brien 3175 Director of Student Health Center
Theresa Golonka 3238 Staff Assistant
Nicole Sauve 3689 Clinical Coordinator
Carol Keeney 3175 Nurse

Multicultural Affairs

Keith Moore 3289 Interim Director of Multicultural Affairs
  3249 Administrative Assistant

Residence Life

Tarome Alford 3104 Director of Housing and Residence Life
Dillon Beckford 3737 Associate Director of Residence Life and Operations
Keith Moore 3330 Assistant Director of Residence Life and Program Development
Elizabeth Champigny 3104 Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Braxton   Area Coordinator - Gulick Hall
Chris Nisler   Area Coordinator - International Hall
Becca Hammond   Area Coordinator - Senior Suites

Spiritual Life

David McMahon 3210 Director for Campus Ministry
Chaplin’s office 3208  

Student Activities

Annie Warchol 3142 Director of Student Activities and Campus Programs
  3141 Coordinator of Student Accounts
Karen Kisiel 3144 Coordinator of Campus Union Operations
Jennifer Dutko 3142 Administrative Secretary

Volunteer Programs

Charlene Elvers 3394 Director of Student Volunteer Programs
Jennifer Thompson 3394 Administrative Secretary