Alcohol and Other Drug Education and Community Standards


Welcome to the Office of Alcohol and Drug Education and Community Standards. My name is Melissa Ortendahl and I oversee the Student Code of Conduct for the campus. I, along with the my graduate assistant, strive to create an office environment that is welcoming, supportive, and educational. We want every student who comes into our office to leave knowing that they have been heard, respected, allowed to share their voice, and most importantly, have learned something from their interaction with us. We are an excellent resource for information, consultation,  and referrals.

In my role as the Coordinator of Alcohol and Drug Education, I work very closely with faculty, athletics, our Health Educator and Peer Educators to create and implement educational programs and activities that promote healthy and safe alcohol use. Additionally, we provide avenues for our students to learn about how alcohol and drugs affect the body and promote ways to have fun and engage on campus without the use of alcohol and drugs.

Please feel free to stop by at any time to get to know us, if you have a question that we can answer or if you just would like to introduce yourself. We look forward to meeting each of you.

Melissa Ortendahl