Multicultural Affairs


Our Mission

Multicultural Affairs functions as the campus resource and support office on multicultural and diversity issues at Springfield College. Since the college is strongly committed to diversity, Multicultural Affairs develops and coordinates support services programs, provides emotional support and some counseling, as well as host cultural and educational programs for all students.

The Multicultural Affairs Center (MCA) is the campus resource and support facility for diversity concerns at Springfield College. The center works toward goals that are inclusive of all cultures, while influencing a campus environment that is supportive of differences. Since the College is strongly committed to diversity, MCA develops and coordinates support services for students from diverse backgrounds, with a strong emphasis on historically under-represented groups.

MCA provides counseling, emotional support, academic support, and advisement. The center also coordinates a multicultural student mentorship program, a multicultural student professional mentorship program, a multicultural student discussion group, and an academic coaching program. In addition, MCA sponsors educational and cultural programs, and conducts diversity workshops, and works closely with the admissions offices and the academic and administrative departments on campus. The Multicultural Affairs Center also has strong ties with the Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield and community youth agencies and multicultural alumni/ae throughout the country.

SSBD 1Cultural and Educational Programs

The mission of Cultural Connections is to build unity through community by attracting students from diverse racial and ethnic populations, receptive to group bonding experiences around diversity. These activities will be enhanced by participating in group sessions and other activities aimed at developing a greater appreciation for individual differences.

Student Society for Bridging Diversity

SSBD is a student – led organization that connects with Multicultural Affairs, as well as collaborate with other clubs on campus to organize cultural events and activities. The goal of SSBD is to help bridge the gap between students from different racial and cultural backgrounds.

Unity Fest

An annual eight college festival that brings diverse groups of students together. The experience includes delicious ethnic foods, live entertainment and interactive games.

Academic, Athletic Arts Achievement Association

5A is an acronym for Academic, Athletic Arts Achievement Association. Below is a part of the 5A academic support program for urban adolescence hosted at Springfield College.

Keith Moore, Interim Director of Multicultural Affairs
Multicultural Affairs Center

Phone Number: (413) 748-3289